April 30, 2017



The Pebbles programme is created specially to keep climbing affordable and accessible to climbing enthusiasts who are already equipped with the basic climbing skills. During Pebbles time, there will be belayers and spotters on standby, ready for the young climbers as they explore the walls and boulder areas on their own. Highly recommended for independent climbers and graduates of the Step Up (Beginners) programme!



Duration: 8 Pebbles classes of 2 hours each (to be used within 10 weeks from 1st class)

Fees: $160/pax for all 8 classes

Date & Time:
1. Tue: 7pm-9pm
2. Thu: 4pm-6pm

Class Type: Drop-off Programme


  • There may be changes to timetable such as cancellations during the Chinese New Year season or when required by the landlord. If in doubt, please contact us to enquire!
  • Package of 8 classes to be strictly used within 10 weeks from first lesson i.e. climbers may miss up to 2 classes.
  • Recommended for those interested to take up climbing for leisure or recreational purposes.
  • Recommended for Step-Up students who wish to have more practice time.
  • Non-exchangeable with other classes or shared between climbers.