Access Details

Access Time:

Weekdays: 1pm to 10pm

Weekends & PH: 9am to 9pm

Cost: $12 per entry*
*Special rate for Tampines residents at $10 per entry. Please produce photo ID with address indicated. 

Access T&C:

  • No pre-booking required.
  • Participants are required to be competent in top-rope belaying. A mandatory verification test will be conducted upon entry.
  • Climbing equipment are available for rental – shoes $5; harness $3; shoes & harness $7; ATC $2. Participants are allowed to use personal certified equipment as well.
  • Wearing of climbing shoes is required during climbing. Other types of footwear are not allowed. Climbing shoes are available for rental. Do bring along a pair of socks, alternatively they can be purchased for $1.
  • One-time enrollment fees of $10 is not included.


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